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About the Project

Ayna India

Ayna Brand is a very well-established & reputed hygiene brand in West Bengal and the north-eastern part of India. We as a creative agency got the opportunity to work as a creative partner for the brand including its re-positioning, brand management, corporate profile, website design, and communication revamp through digital & social media interactions. 

We believe the change is the only way forward and as an agency, we are taking this brand to the next level in sync with the current market scenario. We have used a mix of traditional and digital communication routes while targeting the youth, and untapped markets specially & focusing on increasing product holding per client. 

The Agency was also responsible for generating online dealers’ and distributors’ enquiries through B2B Performance Marketing using both digital & traditional way. 

Mathabhanga Detergents & Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.
Work Assignment
Brand Re-Positioning, Marketing Campaign through B2B Performance


Dealer enquries


Reach / Impression




B2B Engagement


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