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Agency Life

The coolest workplace

Work hard, party harder – that’s the maxim that inspires us to achieve the best of both worlds! MYNDROOT, being one of the top advertising and branding agencies in India that also gets acknowledged as an expert digital marketing cum social media management company, executes the best performance-based advertising strategies for a brand. Being an inherently fun workplace that provides absolute creative independence to tinker and try, at MYNDROOT, motivated people with a never-back-down attitude work on exciting assignments, challenging their individual limits every day to achieve new creative heights, which results in innovative breakthroughs enabling clients and their brands to achieve their vision.

As a team, we love to work, hog, party, and chill together at the drop of a hat. (Psst, don’t get an apocalyptic look on your face if you walk in and see folks standing on their heads, dripping out last night’s h***over from their ears). We firmly believe in the concept of ONE TEAM ONE DREAM and guard it with all our might.