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Share your Pujo Look – Engaging the passionate Fashionists

Dating way back to the 1700s, fashion marketing began its journey through Pandoras or miniature mannequins who, being dressed in incredibly detailed and exquisitely constructed costumes, traveled across oceans and beyond boundaries sporting handcrafted designs which the tailors would then copy to produce the actual life-size garments, in a bid to ensure that their patrons get to be dressed in up-to-date fashion wear!

More than three centuries later, fast fashion, digitalisation, and e-commerce trends, coupled with various advertising and influencer marketing strategies have taken up the fashion marketing arena by storm – and then suddenly, like an unwanted halt in the master plan, a pandemic named Covid-19 hit humanity. Almost overnight, a series of restrictions and imposed social distancing norms struck businesses hard, resulting in a forced route change for creative agencies involved with the fashion marketing fraternity.

We, at MYNDROOT, a leading creative agency in Eastern India that dabbles in both digital marketing and creative advertising, were faced with a similar hurdle for our client Rangoli – a premier ethnic wear brand headed by Nikhil Jain that specializes in hand-embroidered sarees, salwar suits, etc. With the brand’s target audience undergoing a mix of emotions amid the Covid-19 waves, the advent of the festive Durga Puja season marked a challenge on the agency’s behalf. In addition to the onus of successfully marketing the products, we would now have to plan our client’s brand communication in a way that excites the target audience so that they can have a greater relatability with the brand.

It took a series of intense brainstorming sessions and BOOM – we came up with the concept of “Share your Pujo Look”: An advertising campaign dedicated to and powered by the customers who on every day of the Durga Puja celebrations, were prompted to sport their favourite attire right from the comfort and safety of their homes, and share a click of the same with a few customised hashtags, thereby allowing increased customer reciprocity and loyalty for the brand, in addition to the advantage of a fast-spreading word of mouth – every customer can now be a star and the brand would feature them on its social media handles.

Standing in 2022, “Share Your Pujo Look” is currently running successfully for the 3rd consecutive year and it has been a campaign that’s widely appreciated by both the brand and its customers alike.

In addition to the female audience who are Rangoli’s primary target group, the “Share your Pujo Look” campaign garnered multiple responses from the male audience as well, which in turn aided in the promotion of Ranjh, a menswear brand from the house of Rangoli which specializes in premium ethnic clothing for men with modern sensibilities.