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How to Find the Best Digital Marketing Agency for Your Brand

In the modern era of digital transformation, with every brand or business attempting to strengthen its digital foothold, finding the right digital agency as per a brand’s specific requirements has always been an uphill battle. With too many agencies busy competing for a dwindling number of clients, the selection of a truly specialised agency that complements your brand is indeed a difficult choice.

Add to that the misconceptions around the field of Digital Marketing, which to many judging from the outside, may seem like an easy task to handle. Although in reality, the deeper technical aspects of Digital Marketing like brand strategy, content segregation, campaign optimisation, and keyword research which actually result in a brand’s increased visibility in the digital space, are indeed complex and technical enough to bamboozle any average layman!

We, at MYNDROOT, having been reviewed by clients as the ‘Best Digital Marketing Agency in Kolkata’, the ‘Best Creative Agency in Kolkata’, and the ‘Best Advertising Agency’, have faced this scenario where prospective clients have come up with a host of queries, indicating the myriad of difficulties they face while working with agencies that don’t quite understand their brand’s voice and vision appropriately. Thus, choosing the right agency for your business is an absolute necessity, that can in fact, make or break your brand in the long run.

Here are five points that you should consider before finalising on your choice for the perfect agency –

1. Choose The Right Team For The Right Job

Before selecting your digital marketing partner/team/person, thorough research must be done on –

    • The organisation’s track record
    • Team strength
    • Organisational background
    • Existing clientele
    • Infrastructure
    • Workflow process
    • Response mechanisms in place for handling any urgent scenario

In the advertising rat race, one agency cannot possibly master the art of everything – each one must have its own set of strengths and shortcomings. One may be a maestro of SEO and Website Creation, but PR and Influencer Marketing may not be that agency’s forte. Whereas, another agency may just have those exact skills mastered. Hence, it’s of utmost importance to first analytically understand your brand’s needs and ambitions before initiating your agency hunt!

So, if you are dating a dated agency, believe us, you can and need to do a lot better. Because once you find your perfect match, you’ll know the difference – the summer breeze would be balmy, the moon would shine a little brighter, and your business sales numbers would just go swoosh.

Your agency-dating issues may, however, be solved by MYNDROOT, a premier creative firm with deep roots in innovation, ideation, bespoke design, and strategy. We assist you in reinvigorating your brand and easily achieving greater heights, thanks to our diversely skilled and experienced team of specialist digital marketers, creative directors, content writers, and brand managers. In order for you to keep ahead of your competition, we make it a point to always be one step ahead of it.

2. Digital Marketing Doesn’t Just Mean Social Media Posts

Those not acquainted with the functional details of digital marketing, often hold this notion that posting on social media alone can propel a brand’s identity in the digital space. In reality though, without any organic reach in digital/social media channels, simply posting on social media can’t and won’t positively impact the brand. With every competitor brand running on digital steroids, your brand voice will soon get numbed in the cacophony.
Instead, in addition to social media posts, strategies like Digital Advertising, Online Reputation Management (ORM), Influencer marketing, in-depth SEO management, and engaging content creation plans and campaign policies must be in place to actually make a stark difference in the brand’s digital presence and its resultant influence on its target market.

3. Focus On Performance Based Marketing

In the current market scenario, Performance Marketing is the most effective digital marketing solution for a brand. Hence, in addition to just posting relevant content on social media platforms, all brands and businesses should start migrating to a data-driven performance-based marketing approach, where the result of a campaign can be measured by calculating ROI (Return on Investment) or ROMI (Return on Marketing Investment) against its digital spending. So, while making the decision for choosing a digital agency, a brand must consider the agency’s potential to manage this performance evaluation from time to time and thus act according to the assessment results.

One such example of this strategised implementation of a digital game plan lies in the very basic calculation formulas –

Calculate the ROI & ROMI for your business: –

                Return On Investment (ROI) %age = {(Revenue – Investment)/Investment} * 100

                Return On Marketing Investment (ROMI) –

                Base Profit = Base revenue – Base Cost of Goods Sold

                Marketing Campaign Profit = Revenue – Cost of Goods Sold

                Profit with Marketing Campaign Cost = Profit – Marketing Cost

                Campaign Uplift = Profit with Marketing Cost – Baseline Profit

                Return on Marketing Investment = (Campaign Uplift / Marketing Cost) x 100%

Campaign Uplift is a Data Science Model in Customer Relationship Management that aims to pull in that section of the audience that’s literally on the fence and needs a little more digital push for selling your product. Including this incremental strategy will result in a snowball effect, thereby exponentially increasing your brand’s digital footing and online command in the long run.

4. Effective Content Creation Team

In the current digital age, we all know that content is King and it will always remain the same for the foreseeable future.

So, whenever you are finalising your digital agency, one of the primary things to check is the ability to create effective, impactful content that engages and connects with the brand’s target audience, thereby effectively increasing organic reach along with paid advertisement support. There is no point denying that in order to achieve unanimous digital influence, brands do need engaging, non-product-related content that connects with the target audience on deeper emotional levels that can power boost the organic digital movement of the brand.

5. Technically Sound, Smart & Skilled Team

Brands require a team that’s technically sound, street-smart, dynamic, and skilful. A team that has the potential to run the show on their behalf, which understands the brand’s vision, strategy, and voice appropriately enough to do a thorough competitor study, keyword and hashtag analysis, and SEO research before jumping on the wagon-wheel of digital ads, which if not correctly done, may just be an absolute waste of resources.

Broadly, these are the very basic points you need to consider before setting out on your search for the agency that shall be a soulmate for your brand. Having been felicitated as the ‘Best Digital Marketing Agency’ at the Nation Pride Award, 2022, we, at MYNDROOT can help guide your brand with strategic digital communication that can enable you to rebuild or promote your brand to the next level.

For further understanding, reach out to us and gift your brand the MYNDROOT Digital Experience.