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Dekho Apna Desh!

An Innovation in Tourism, starting of a new era in Indian Tourism!

As we all know due to Coronavirus (COVID-19) travel and tourism industry is the worst affected segment worldwide. A lot of experts and market leaders are predicting not only zero but negative growth in this business. So to understand this crisis and predicting the upcoming challenge the Govt. of India has taken up a fantastic and one of the most innovative campaigns in the history of Indian Tourism. I owe Govt. of India to come up with such a unique idea to save this most impacted industry.

We have witnessed one of the successful campaigns in the past called “The Incredible India” now let’s understand the same concept in a different way!

1. Earlier the Incredible India campaign was majorly focusing on inviting global tourists including NRIs in India that earn foreign revenue directly. Now “Dekho Apna Desh” is mainly focusing on the domestic, aspiring, and outgoing Indian travellers to explore its motherland in a different way.

2. Ministry of Tourism (MOT) has launched this campaign, where people are invited to travel a minimum of 15 locations excluding the home state in India by 2022 to win exciting prizes. This is a contest based traveling backed by the incentives and rewards. It is a fabulous and most innovative idea to promote domestic tourism with emotion and national sentiment. It’s also requesting the aspiring travellers to pledge to receive the Certificate of acknowledgment.

3. As a result, almost 80,000 people have already pledged in within 20 days of launching this campaign and the no are growing at rapid speed, which clearly shows the upcoming trend in this segment.

4. The idea and overall campaign will re-create and redesign it’s communication to all the citizens starting from mass to class.

5. Currently, the MOT is organising multiple webinar seasons covering the different parts of the country while offering the virtual tour and storytelling which may not be known to the general public and that may work as a part of the trailer or teaser campaign too.

6. This is a Desi campaign, Made in India, and made for India. The name “Dekho Apna Desh” has an Indian flavour and talks directly to masses with clear targeting, objective, or aim which will keep pushing these aspiring travellers, especially the youth.

7. Currently, this Coronavirus showed one thing very clearly, in terms of travel. Now enough of “Global”, it’s time to “Go Desi”. I think it should create a trend and work as an exploring mission to the new age Indians inspires see the things differently.

8. India has a rich diversified tourism location unlike other countries, with more than 1,000+ tourist places and 8.90 million tourists and ranked 34th on the World travel & tourism competitiveness index. We have everything in-house staring from hills, sea, forest, desert, adventure, religious and medical tourism. So this campaign has a huge potential to go a long way and succeeded.

The benefits of this campaign:

1. Uncertain International Travelling – Post lockdown international travelling will still be uncertain in many countries due to strict visa rules, lockdown restrictions, etc. that include in India too. So with the help of this mass campaign, Indian tourism can sustain on its own domestic market spending.

2. Change of Perception – This is a perception building activity. By doing this unique initiative and mass participation by the travel enthusiast can surely create an image and positive impact on traveller’s minds, which will surely pay off in the long run.

3. Domestic Earning – It will save India’s foreign revere till some time and will boost domestic consumption with different segments like transportation, shopping, dining, and other recreational activities.

4. Multi-Dimensional Campaign – This campaign is also having some unique features like it will not only promote tourism but it will also promote photography skills, knowledge gathering, and experience tour, unlike the selfie trip culture.

5. Internal Tourism – It will surely boost internal tourism consumption and spend which may further attract FDIs on Indian Tourism in terms of infrastructure, accommodation, public facility, technology, and conservation.

6. People Attachment – This campaign will not only connect people with the place but with the history, culture, and untold stories of modern India.

7. New Way of Travelling – This idea has the potential to explore new tourism destinations, quick holidays, bag packing, homestays, and rural travelling especially driven by the youth, unlike luxury living.

I hope this Coronavirus and the lockdown restrictions have taught us a lesson and proved India is still a better and safest place compare to other nations. So I believe we should not worry further, and start going out post lockdown with certain good habits like using the mask, hand sanitizers, avoid throwing food packets, garbage or spitting here and there while travelling.

Further, the time has come, we should learn respecting Mother Nature and its all animals. We have seen how nature took its own place during this lockdown period, and we as a nation need to protect it with the utmost care. Its time we have to leave their space as well. I urge everyone to start contributing towards conversation and together join hands for our better future in line with nature.

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Regards, Subhajit Ghosh

Business Director  l    Brand Consultant