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Campaign for Destination Wedding

The Challenge – For any Brand or Business, facing the post-pandemic scenario was distressing. The worldwide lockdown made every occasion or festival prohibited. At that very moment, we come to make it facile for the brands. Our challenge here was to build the brand and at the same time find more client leads for them and also fulfil the need of the client’s project. The destination wedding is a usual thing nowadays but our job was to make it urge uniquely to the viewers.  

Strategy – The digital landscape is ever-changing. In keeping with that, we constantly need to update our marketing strategies. Only the right marketing strategy can help a brand grow and achieve the goals. 

The destination wedding becomes common for everyone today but we made the ‘destination wedding at Shantiniketan’ vibe differently to people. Here we present the project that is designed for one of our clients, the ‘Destination Wedding Series’. Instead of adding the landscape or property images, we came with the idea of creativity. Mohor Kutir Destination Wedding is a creative series, characterised by vibrant hues and the traditional Kalighat style of painting. The idea was to represent the work with a clear tiding that conveys the prospect of the ‘Project’ and the creative artwork can allure and connect with the audience.

Outcome – The out was as we thought and that is phenomenal. Being unique in appearance, people start noticing the concept. Not only noticing but also preferred by the client and the targeted audience. The brand has started to get queries from new customers, and primitive customers as well. The creative sight of the project acted as a new feeling for all of us.