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Advertising..A Trap or Opportunity?

Confused? Don’t be! We all have witnessed good and bad advertising. Technically, nowadays all communication is advertising with some impact. As per the books of accounts, Advertisement may be an expenditure but in terms of brand value, it’s a long-term investment. I personally believe that Advertisement is a calculative risk which should be carried out with proper research, plan, goal, and most importantly ROI projection.

As the market is changing globally, the advertising and creative industry is also shaping up drastically creating a huge challenge for the agencies, and side by side creating enough confusion for the consumers to pick the right product at the right price and from the right place. Earlier, advertising was an art to reach consumers that aimed for more recall and customer loyalty. It was a perfect example of content curation. However, nowadays advertising means visibility with short-term results and zero recall value. This is the reason advertising is unable to generate organic results over the years and contributes as an expenditure in the books, and as a result, increasing the price of the product in the end.

Previously advertising of a product was conducted to reach more and more people, now more and more people are advertising for themself to reach out and get better and bigger brands, which is a perfect example of Influencer marketing. From a layman, advertising looks complicated but we, as an agency, believe it’s very simple if you can see things from the consumer’s point of view. Sometimes unregulated and unplanned advertising has huge adverse effects which may damage your brand’s reputation in the long run or may even kill the business slowly.

Case No. – 1:

Effect of strong Advertisement of a non-saleable product, where people suddenly started buying inferior quality products soon after seeing the ads in many places or watching celebrities or influencers promoting it strongly. But the question remains, do you believe a customer will be loyal to your brand just because someone is endorsing it?


Case No. – 2

Offering discounts 365 days has now become a trend in the market and generates revenue for most brands undoubtedly by increasing and then decreasing the price. However, it also has some negative impacts on the brand in the long run. After seeing regular discounts people may perceive the brand with low-quality products and stock clearance activity. Thus, never taking it seriously in case of an exclusive and new launch, where the real margins are.


Case No. – 3

Some brands advertise their products in a way that has no touch on reality and showcase scenarios that are in no way related to the actual product or its usage. These advertisements often portray an unattainable or impossible dream that the target audience knows is never going to happen in real life and add no value to the end consumers. For example, an advertisement showing how trying a packet of gutkha can apparently make you a king or prince somehow and help you lead everyone to a better world. Are the gutkha and pan masala buyers really buying these products and having them with the above-mentioned hope?


Case No. -4

Fear of losing is playing a big role in the consumer’s mind instead of searching for the right products. In these cases, advertisers try to sell the same or inferior quality product at a higher rate by creating an unnecessary hype, which creates an unsatisfactory experience in the consumer’s mind.


In marketing, pulling is always better than pushing. A consumer should not feel that someone is forcefully selling a product or service to them. The pull strategy and brand-building process ensure the cost-effective organic movement with strong recall value. As a responsible brand consulting agency, we understand and acknowledge these issues and follow ethical brand communication and cost-effective, long-term marketing plans for better customer loyalty.

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